Self-made thick noodles with richly pork bone and fish stock soup. It is absolutely superb.

Self-made thick noodles with richly pork bone and fish stock soup. It is absolutely superb.


Strong, chewy body and the fresh flavour of our self-made thick noodles.

Our “self-made thick noodles” mixed few different types of selected wheat flours. Adjusting the hydrolysis rate and boiling time depending on a temperature and humidity every day. The process of cooling noodles with ice makes the noodles more smooth, chewy textured, and it brings full bodied taste into it.


Slowly stewed rich pork bone and fish stock soup.

Our original dipping soup which has rich and tasty flavour comes from pork bone and fish stock, mixes highly selected food materials. This soup always serves with the best quality means it made as a fresh every day passing through slow cooking process and there are no compromises. Please enjoy our best work.



Creating a soup, without losing the beauty and taste that are brought by the seasons

Using seasonal ingredients, we and our customers can experience each season’s unique taste.

Plum, with the arrival of spring When the appetite drops in summer, stimulating the senses with spicy dishes, When the temperatures drop in autumn and winter, warming the whole body using ginger. The seasonal menus are a delicious letter from Mita Seimenjyo to each customer.

the seasonal menu

Refined, but comfortable Extravagant, however not pretentious

While treasuring the tradition of Mita Seimenjyo, we work to create a space that customers can enjoy their meals comfortably, and to create an atmosphere that is hospitable for customers.

Also, for the employees, we work hard to create an atmosphere so that each individual is able to shine and to be able to have pride in working with us. In our new stores in Toranomon and Kamata East Exit, we have designed the stores that allow the customer seating to be visible from the kitchen, so we are always able to observe the customer’s perspective to provide our best service.


三田製麺所 ヒストリー

Opened Mita Honten, the first Noodle shop of Mita Seimenjyo
Opened our first store in Osaka, in Umeda
Opened our store in Causeway Bay, our first store in Hong Kong
Opened our first foodcourt store, in Sevenpark Ario Kashiwa
Opened our Toranomon store, with our news store design, and was our 21st store in Japan”
Opened Kamata Station East Exit store
Opened Tenma Ekimae store
Opened Aeon Mall Zama store
Opened Aeon Mall Nagoya-Dome Mae store
Currently, we have 36 stores domestically, and 2 stores in Hong Kong